Real Milk with a “Kiss of Cream”

Since 1961, Milkman is the brand active
families and avid outdoorspeople have turned
to for the flavor of real milk and the
convenience of an ultra-lightweight powder.


18g of Protein per Serving

The Milkman you know and love is also
available in rich, creamy chocolate, packing
flavor, convenience and 18g of protein per
serving. It is the most refreshing recovery drink
for active lifestyles.

Cooking with Milkman

Milkman is perfect for any recipe that calls for milk. With a shelf life of years, keep a supply on hand to enjoy delicious homemade cooking any time the craving strikes.

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Delivered to Your Door

Milkman is available at major retailers, but the best deals are available right here. Order a couple of packets, then stock up by the caseload. Or, subscribe to our monthly delivery service and save big while ensuring you never run low on this essential pantry staple.

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