All the comfort of real milk.
And the freedom to have it anywhere.

Milkman Milk is a favorite low fat powdered milk for anyone who wants to enjoy milk but needs something more convenient than a liquid milk resource.

From backpackers to boaters and people who live in areas where it is difficult to make regular supermarket visits, Milkman has been delivering real-milk flavor with the convenience of powder for over 60 years.

Long considered the best-tasting low-fat dry milk product available, Milkman’s “Kiss of Cream” gives it a remarkable natural flavor while remaining low fat. We’ve been overwhelmed by the request – from weekend warrior car campers to true outdoorsmen, at-home bakers and health enthusiasts – asking where they can find Milkman and enjoy the unmistakably fresh taste of the only cream-containing powdered milk easily available in the US.

Milkman products disperse completely – no clumping when completely stirred and can be consumed instantly, come in convenient and portable long shelf-life 1-quart packages, and is a perfect ingredient for any recipe that calls for milk.